Just wrong


Well, plenty.

Comment from the poster of this to my news feed: Perspective.

Following comments: Person 1: Disgraceful!

Person 2: and yet that man is telling that child’s parents that it’s a sin to use birth control and that it’s god’s will they have more children although they can’t feed that one.

Person 2 again: if they’re even still alive themselves.

Person 3: Everything. Everything is wrong with this.

Well, I agree with this last statement. The colonization of Africa by European nations who exploited the natives and the land caused untold suffering and destruction to the continent.

A better picture to have up there instead of the Pope would be Queen Elizabeth. Much of the African continent was subjugated to the British throne with plenty of badness going around. The House of Windsor certainly has more personal wealth than the German guy who was the son of a local cop and rose in the Church to such a high rank.

Today, the biggest religion in Africa is Islam with 47% of the continent Muslim. But there is no chief honcho for Islam, would a picture of Mohammad suffice? Perhaps a sheik’s picture would be more appropriate.

To be fair, the second most popular religion is Christianity which is not the same as Catholic. The head of the Church of England is once again Queen Elizabeth and one would think that as the British colonized they would be somewhat loathe to import Catholicism in place of their own state religion, created to spite the Catholic Church. A few countries are higher percentage of Catholics as they were colonized by the Italians or Spanish, the Catholic countries.

As a response to Person 2, you are assuming, statistically incorrectly, that the child’s parents are Catholic and that the Pope actually had something to say about their reproductive choices. The more likely scenario is that the child’s parents are Muslim and that religion also encourages lots of procreation.

So this offensive picture might be more accurately portrayed with the Queen of England on the one half. Or we could put up some central target for Islam or even Mohammad rather than one for Catholicism. Maybe some oil field or sheik would suffice.

But I do agree, everything is wrong with this picture.


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